J.P. Pomare

J.P. Pomare

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J.P. has always been drawn to the dark. He grew up on a horse racing farm in a small town in New Zealand with two brothers, a sister, two cats and two border collies.

Eventually he would find himself leaving Rotorua and landing in Melbourne. For three years he has produced and hosted a podcast, interviewing guests from Joyce Carol Oates and Dorthe Nors to John Safran and E. Lockhart. He also worked in marketing but in the evening he was always writing, contributing to a number of Australian publications and beginning to draft what would become his first novel Call Me Evie.

A first love for literary fiction quickly developed into a taste for sharp, fast-paced story telling. Stories that surprised him, stories that tied a cold knot in the pit of his stomach.

​His work has been widely published in journals including Meanjin and TLB Review of Books, as well as the New Zealand Listener magazine and the online magazine Kill Your Darlings. He has also won, and been short-listed for a number of prizes.

Call Me Evie was published in Australia and the UK in January 2019 and will be released in the USA and other countries later in the year. The novel draws upon the fallibility of the human brain and the faculty of memory. It has been heavily researched and explores many psychological phenomena such as cognitive dissonance, trauma induced psychosis, memory loss and neuroplasticity.

‘Literary suspense as dark and fresh as midnight in winter, with a merciless twist-of-the-knife finale. One of the most striking debuts I’ve read in years and years.’
A.J. Finn, author of The Woman in the Window

‘What a read! It’s a tight, compulsive, beautifully written thriller with echoes of Gillian Flynn, with characters that keep you guessing and a plot that keeps you turning the page.’