The 2016 Bellingen Writers Festival over the June holiday weekend was yet another highly successful event, our sixth.

The committee would like to thank a myriad of people and organisations:

  • The authors, for taking time out, travelling to our town and supporting our festival.
  • Irina Dunn, who did a massive amount of work as Festival Director.
  • Libby Feez, who not only organised the production of the festival, liaising with the production team and ensuring the smooth running of the festival, but also designed and created the program booklet and posters.
  • Roby Aiken for organising the volunteers and feeding many of us over the 2 days and nights of the festival.
    Without the support of the volunteers the festival would not be possible to put on.

  • The people of Bellingen who billeted our authors.

Financial and Gratuitous Support

  • A very big thank you goes to Officeworks for their exceedingly generous support: the prize money for the Poetry slam, the printing of the program booklets and posters, and their support for the schools program.
  • The Bellingen Shire Council for the grant money we received.
  • Raleigh Barn for providing the furniture which creates such a great atmosphere in the Memorial Hall.
  • Kalang nursery for supplying the plants to dress the set.
  • Hiresquare for materials they gave us to dress the Q & A session.
  • And of course all of us, the committee members, who did the ticketing and accounts, worked on the website, proofread, organised the billeting, sold adverting, booked venues and much more.

A great team effort and congratulations to us all.