Wendy Bacon

Wendy Bacon

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A leading investigative journalist, academic and political activist, Wendy Bacon has challenged Australia’s media landscape for over 40 years. Awarded Australia’s highest journalism accolade, a Walkley Award in 1984 for her articles about police corruption in New South Wales, she has also been Head of the Journalism Program at The University of Technology Sydney and is an honorary Professor at the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism.

Having worked for mainstream, independent and alternative media, her extensive career has included reporting for Tharunka, The Sydney Morning Herald, The National Times, Crikey and The Guardian (Australia Edition). She is currently a contributing editor to New Matilda.

As a political activist, Bacon wants her journalism “to be useful to those who resist abuses of power and seek social justice rather than supporting existing power structures, which is what most journalism does. My emphasis is on information that I hope will empower people to take action.” Her current interests include environmental issues, urban development and planning issues.