The C word

By Jason John


A while back I caused a little consternation,

leading to a touch of confrontation

When people heard

Me use the C word

I said it not just once, this was no accidental slip

I said it a whole bunch of times, I really let it rip.

I thought I’d get away with it,

I’m middle class and white

And anyone will tell you that I’m usually polite

That C word

It causes such offense

And so it should, after all, I guess.

Christ was very offensive

He left the temple in a mess

Kicking over tables and

whipping those who oppress

and I mean what else can you do

When you have to

Preach from the bible each week

And Christ – and his mother – just keep

Banging on about injustice, and hypocrisy and greed

And at Christmas time we read about their life as refugees!

It’s not my fault the little child

Didn’t grow up meek and mild

It’s not my fault that Christ said we must forgive to be forgiven

(If we’re self-righteous arseholes who assume we’re off to heaven)

And that paradoxically, God sends rain on the wicked and ungrateful

So to be kids of the one in heaven we must all be merciful

Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.

Christ wanted us to do things, or at least to try

And our leaders to lead us

In justice and in compassion

For this world of refugees

Then there’d be no rotting in detention

And we’d stick to 1.5 degrees-

If we only had a Christian prime minister!

I know, I know, we’ve already had a few.

We got lots of “thoughts and prayers”

And that’s going to continue, if I had to take a punt

With our “pray for rain” prime minister

With his “coal won’t hurt you” stunt.

Well neither will a cigarette-

Til you burn it

You smarmy… member

But we must remember,

That for every disappointing Prime Member

There’s a Miriam, a Byron, a Jacqui, a Jess

And one i Lisa and two iis Liisa, and most of you i guess.

There’s Toni and Rachel and there’s Pia and Pete

And people all up and down your street

You’ve never heard of them

And they’ve never heard of you

There’s Christians, Muslims, Atheists Jews

Straights, lgbs and tiqs

All us scraggly little mustard bushes

Getting up off our tushes!

So whether your c word is Christ or compassion

or Climate or community

or Country

say your c word loud and clear

live your c word and let’s put the fear

of true democracy

right up the jacksie of the fossil fuel plutocracy