Sunday Sounds

In which our musical guests treat us to stories and song

Kate Fagan

Celebrated poet and singer/songwriter. Winner of the National Film & Sound Archive Award for Best Folk Album.

Kirsten Krauth and Peter Valentine Fenton

With musician Peter Valentine Fenton, Kirsten Krauth recalls the eighties pop and post-punk that inspired her new novel, Almost a Mirror — a mixtape where each chapter is an 80s song. From Nick Cave to Kim Wilde, Kirsten and Peter will read and perform the music soundtrack of the novel: back to the days of New Romantic idols, Countdown’s flashing lights and St Kilda’s legendary Crystal Ballroom.
In his debut novel, The Days of In Between, set in a coastal holiday village in 1979, Peter explores the intensity of coming of age with the lyrical skill of a songwriter. Inspired by his life in acting, music and the hugely influential band Crow, Peter will play songs and tell the stories of his own in-between days.

Dave Graney

Multiple ARIA-award winner. Legendary mysterious loud-mouth invisible rock singer cowboy
“What a place to hide. I mean say you were a spy. An undercover man. Somebody on the run. What better place to disappear – what a cover. A lead singer in a rock and roll band.”

Don Walker

Australia’s poet laureate of rock n roll. Primary songwriter for Cold Chisel, solo artist, Tex Don and Charlie. Australian Songwriter’s Hall of Fame inductee
“The stories in Don’s songs open up to wider stories back and beyond. His lyrics are lean, clear-eyed, love-thirsty and lonesome. A bulls-eye straight to the human heart.” —Paul Kelly