Life writing

Creative non-fiction writing

This practical workshop in creative non-fiction is suitable for almost any area of interest … memoir, family history, local history, personal essay, travel diary, feature article.

A range of exercises and discussions progressively build upon each other. These commence with planning and scoping the writing. Getting started can be the hardest part but it doesn’t have to be, especially when the right side of the brain comes into play. The writer’s voice, finding an opening hook and sensory language get attention. Turning facts into a compelling story is at the heart of the workshop which explores the writer’s maxim, Show, Don’t Tell. The workshop finishes with polishing and editing.

The approach taken in this highly participatory workshop is that participants learn not just from the presenter, but from and with each other. For this reason, both more and less experienced writers find the workshop satisfying. It’s also a democratic workshop, aiming to cater to individual needs. Participants get to make choices.