Josie Robinson : Women in Black

Separation, loss and rebellion: the memoir of a ten-pound pom.

England of the 1950s and 60s, a Catholic Children’s Home, and a four-year-old girl … What is life like for a child growing up in a convent? Is it all doom, gloom and discipline?

At the age of 14, her mother dies. She rebels against the church and the  ‘authorities’, and lives for the day she turns 18, no longer a ‘child in care’.

Free of Welfare control, officially an adult, the Women’s Liberation Movement is riding its Second Wave, ‘sisterhood is powerful’, Germaine Greer publishes The Female Eunuch, and Helen Reddy sings, ‘I’m a Woman, hear me roar! The child, a young woman herself now, must make choices for her own child, with life-changing consequences.

Swept up into the Psychedelic Age of Aquarius at the Summer Solstice Festival of Glastonbury, 1971, Josie trips off down to London to groove in free concerts, protests, ‘happenings’, and avant-garde art exhibitions. How does she end up on a Jumbo jet, bound for Australia as a Ten Pound Pom.