Interactive keying of rainforest plants

A fun way to discover the identity of rainforest plants

Ever wanted to find out “what plant is that?” as you walk through a rainforest?  Hugh and Nan Nicholson have collaborated with botanists Gwen Harden and Bill McDonald to produce an interactive key, Rainforest Plants of Australia – Rockhampton to Victoria.  The key contains over 12,000 photographs and covers all 1140 species of rainforest trees, shrubs and vines between the Tropic of Capricorna and Bass Strait.  It is very easy to use and enables rapid identification even for non-botanists.

In the first hour of the workshop, Hugh and Nan will demonstrate the use of the key. Then you get a chance to practise with their help.

Bring your own laptop. There will be sample plants you can key out – or bring your own. The key will be available as a USB for $50 on the day.  It is also available as an app.