Jason John: “Sex is fun – Bonobos, the bible and beyond” and “My racist butt, as seen at the Sydney Opera house”

Sex is fun (but). AND. Skating the thin line of good taste

Sex is fun …

The new evolutionary creation story delivers a richer, more fascinating and liberating tale of the origins and evolution of sex and sexual relationships than does the creation story in Genesis. It is a tale of adaptation to new environments and the diversity which results. Our egalitarian ancestors were likely polyamorous and, certainly, serially monogamous until the very recent emergence of patriarchal agriculturalism during which humans wrote the Hebrew Scriptures. The Hebrew Scriptures – the Christian Old Testament – provide several case studies of this sexual adaptation and diversity within human society, most of which bodes poorly for women. In a slightly different environment, that of the first Christians, we find that sexual ethics have again adapted in the teachings of Jesus and Paul and then the early church.

We live in a different environment again. In fact, we live in different environments, so that we each must discern what faith-full sexual relationships are for us. The book explores some common flash-points in the light of the scientific creation stories, like pre-marital sex, abortion, homosexuality, masturbation and extra-marital sex.

Anyone who lives in a culture shaped by Christianity, and especially Christians themselves, will find this book a stimulating catalyst and resource for loving themselves, their partner(s) and their other neighbours.

“my racist butt”

Featuring the poems that won Jason the Bellingen Poetry Slam, and third place in the Australian Poetry Slam National Final, My Racist Butt skates the thin line of good taste as Jason brings politics, climate activism, religion, science and sex into, often, awkward and hilarious conversation.  Includes a sneak-peak of poems yet to be performed, and others which will remain forever hidden, except to the reader.  Contains approximately 40 poems.