Robyn Williams

Robyn Williams

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Australia’s most celebrated science journalist and broadcaster, Robyn presents Radio National’s The Science Show and Ockham’s Razor, and has conducted countless interviews with scientists on ABC TV on programs such as Quantum and Catalyst, narrated the Nature of Australia series and appeared in World Safari with David Attenborough.

Robyn has written more than 10 books, including his autobiography And Now For Something Completely Different, the novel 2007: A True Story Waiting To Happen, Future Perfect: What Next? and Other Possible Questions, and his searingly-honest and blackly-funny 2018 memoir Turmoil: Letters From The Brink.

Although he graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in England, Robyn admits to spending as much time acting as studying. Early in his career he made guest appearances in The GoodiesMonty Python’s Flying Circus and Doctor Who.

Outside the ABC, Robyn has served in various capacities, including president of the Australian Museum Trust, chairman of the Commission for the Future, and president of the Australian Science Communicators. In 1993, he was the first journalist elected as a fellow member of the Australian Academy of Science. Robyn was appointed AM in the 1988 Australian Bicentenary honours list and in the same year received honorary doctorates in science from the University of Sydney, Macquarie and Deakin Universities. The Australian National University awarded him a doctorate of law, and he is a visiting professor at the University of NSW and an adjunct professor at the University of Queensland.

In Turmoil: Letters From The Brink, Robyn reflects on his life, friends, the people he loves and loathes, and a multi-faceted career that includes over 40 years on radio.

‘An unblinking and highly readable biography by the greatest science broadcaster of our times.’
Tim Flannery, scientist and author of many books including best-seller, The Weather Makers: The History & Future Impact of Climate Change (2005)