Poetry Slam Rules:

  1. Poetry is ORIGINAL, written and performed by poet.
  2. Poet must have THREE POEMS prepared – in case they get through THREE rounds!
  3. Poets must supply Titles of said poems. Poets don’t have to stick to these … This is a bureaucratic rule and can be ignored with very little consequence!
  4. Poetry should be learnt/ MEMORIZED and performed. NOT just read (Poets will lose marks if they read, unless they are really, really, REALLY good!). I mean REALLY good. First timers can ignore this and giving it a go is acknowledged!!
  5. No poems that have previously WON in other Slam Events can be used. If you try and sneak one in our “research team” might find out after the Fact and you will be publically stripped of your title (and we’ll come after the prize…) like Lance Armstrong!
  6. Judges will be briefed on looking at; CONTENT, PERFORMANCE SKILLS and AUDIENCE REACTION to the poems. If they are obviously biased, the audience is allowed to boo or a low hissing is acceptable!
  7. Judges chosen from the audience must not be partners, family or best mates with the poets!
  8. People’s Choice will be chosen by audience vote (1 per person)…
  9. Poems must be TWO TO THREE MINUTES no longer or shorter or you will lose points!
  10. No heckling during performance!! Audience that is! Poets can heckle whenever they want!
  11. NO PROPS, beat boxes, music, visual aids … just you and your voice!
  12. NEW RULE !!! Performance poets who are semi –professional, multi slam title holders will be handi-capped !!

Registration costs $10 on the night, but you must register with your details by emailing: poetryslambrwf@gmail.com.