Andy McDermott

Andy McDermott

Andy McDermott of Publicious published his first novel, The Tiger Chase, in 2002 with an American publisher. He launched the book in San Diego and followed up with a book tour of the US, including the LA China Town and Las Vegas.

On his return to Australia, he became disillusioned with the publishing industry. After being locked into an unproductive contract, earning a tiny percentage of royalties for all his hard work, and not owning any of his rights, he decided to follow the self-publishing route.

From 2005 – 2007 he was the President of The Gold Coast Writers’ Association (of which he is now an honorary lifetime member) and worked closely with like-minded authors, assisting them with their manuscripts and publishing needs.

In 2010, to mark the year of the tiger, he launched the revised self-published edition of The Tiger Chase as a paperback and an ebook, and donated all his royalties to the Save China’s Tigers Foundation. That same year he followed his dream by creating Publicious, a company designed to help self-published authors like himself. His main aim was to create the kind of company he wished had been around when he was starting out and one that would give the many unscrupulous publishing providers that populate the internet a run for their money.

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