Leah Kaminsky

Leah Kaminsky

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A physician and award-winning writer, Leah’s debut novel The Waiting Room (2015), won the prestigious Voss Literary Prize and was shortlisted for the Helen Asher Award.

We’re all Going to Die (2016), has been described as ‘a joyful book about death’. Leah edited Writer MD and co-authored Cracking the Code (2015). Her poetry collection, Stitching Things Together, was a finalist in the Anne Elder Award.

Leah’s latest novel, The Hollow Bones, published in March 2019, is a lyrical and poignant cautionary tale, bringing to life one of the Nazi regime’s little-known villains through the eyes of the animals he destroyed and the wife he undermined in the name of science and cold ambition.

 The Hollow Bones was shortlisted for a Churchill Trust Fellowship, won a prestigious Varuna Writers’ Fellowship in 2017 and a Bundanoon Artist-in-Residence Fellowship in 2018.

Leah’s next book The Fish Council will be published in 2020.

‘From the embers of history, Kaminsky weaves a cracking tale of adventure, competing loyalties and the folly of sacrificing reason on the ideological altar.’
Bram Presser, musician. Review of The Hollow Bones, Penguin Books

‘Played out against the backdrop of impending war, The Hollow Bones is a Faustian tale of love, ambition and treachery. An ominous and beautiful novel that examines the dark appeal of power, and the lengths some men will go to achieve it.’
Emma Viskic, author. Review, Penguin Books.