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From the Sudan to Northern New South Wales, Tarab is an epic, mesmerising tale of high adventure and the search for meaning. Carl Cleves escapes national service in Belgium to live in South Africa at the height of the apartheid era. So begin the adventures and quests, wanderings and narrow escapes, mishaps and illuminations of a guitar-toting troubadour in his roles as young beat poet, law student, single father, relief worker in India and recording star in Brazil.

Cleves’ page turning memoir is no simple music biography, but rather the travel story of an artist’s quest for tarab: a place where music and poetry bestow true bliss upon the lucky one. It’s by turns philosophical, funny, adventurous and insightful. Fully revised and expanded, this new edition of Tarab is a must read for all lovers of travel literature. It includes Cleves’ time in Sydney working at the late Peterson’s music shop in George Street and his early years living in Northern New South Wales at the height of the back to the land movement.