Tim Page

Tim Page

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Tim is a legendary photojournalist who became a definitive image chronicler of the Vietnam War. Originally working in Laos as a stringer for United Press International, he moved to Saigon and spent the next five years there, covering the war on assignment for Time Life, UPI, Paris Match and Associated Press. The role of war photographer suited Page’s craving for danger and excitement and he became an iconic photographer of the Vietnam War. His images were the visual inspiration for many films of the period and the role of the photojournalist in the film Apocalypse Now played by Dennis Hopper, was based on Tim.

He was wounded four times, once by ‘friendly fire’, and the last time was when he jumped out of a helicopter to help load the wounded, and the person in front of him stepped on a landmine. Pronounced DOA at the hospital, he required extensive neuro-surgery and spent most of the seventies in recovery.

Tim Page is the subject of many documentaries, two films and is the author of ten books. He spent five months in 2009 as the Photographic Peace Ambassador for the UN in Afghanistan and is the recipient of many awards. He was recently named one of the ‘100 Most Influential Photographers of all Time’.

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