Rob Oakeshott

Rob Oakeshott

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  • Rob Oakeshott currently works as an advisor for the United Nations Development Program through the Fiji multi-country office, providing technical advice to emerging parliamentary democracy’s such as Fiji, Samoa, Tuvalu, and the Marshall Islands. He is also on the board and patron of the Public Interest Journalism Foundation.

    This follows a twenty year ‘tour of duty’ in public life, through seven successful elections, and spanning across state and federal politics. While most of this time went into community building at a local level around the mid-north coast of NSW, he is most widely remembered for the minority 43rd Parliament that emerged from the 2010 election, where he chose to allow Australia’s first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, to continue in the role, at the expense of the current Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott.

    It is because of the decisions made during this time, and the people he met, and the policy challenges faced, that Allen and Unwin approached him to write an ‘insiders account’. He did so, leading to the “The Independent Member for Lyne” being released in June 2014.

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