Peter Macinnis

Peter Macinnis

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Peter Macinnis is a full-time writer with about 50 books to his name, mainly about science, or history or both. He also writes magazine articles and occasional radio talks for the ABC’s Ockham’s Razor.

His hobbies include having temporary obsessions which often end up as books; bushwalking swiftly, pausing only to bother plants, insects, spiders and other wild things; 19th century science and technology; reading; creative computing, recreational mathematics, picking locks and pulling things apart; being a grandfather, contributing new ideas in unexpected places—and writing.

While he writes mainly for the general adult market, he is amused to find that most of his awards have come from that far more challenging discipline: writing for children. In the past 17 years, six of his books have been named as Notable by the Children’s Book Council of Australia, two were short-listed for the CBCA Eve Pownall awards, with one becoming an Honour Book in 2008 and another named book of the year in 2010. In 2013, his Australian Backyard Naturalist shared the WA Premier’s Prize for Children’s Literature.

Once a bureaucrat, often a teacher, he holds all the papers needed to prove that he is retired, but he refuses to stop.