Mandy Nolan

Mandy Nolan

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Comedian and memoirist Mandy Nolan sharpens her wit in the wake launch her third literary offering ‘Home Truths’. Nolan explores poet Anne Sexton’s assertion that ‘women marry houses’ and in the process traverses the real and imagined terrain of ‘home’ and ‘identity’. Through comedic analysis she asks who are we in the place where we live, how do we live, why do we live where we live, and who and what do we become in the process?

With 28 years of stage time under her belt Nolan is a self confessed FOMOOLSB (Fear of Missing Out on Living Somewhere Better) sufferer who uses her latest narrative for a peek over the fence at how the rest of us live. This cushion collecting, OCD afflicted cleaning obsessive milks a few sacred cows with her comedic download even giving Feng Shui a kick along by asking the hard question: ‘Why change your behaviour when all you have to do is move your bed?!’

Multi-talented Mandy Nolan is also an accomplished comedian, artist and journalist. A self proclaimed expert on all matters feminine she is a regular contributor for The Hoopla and occasional guest on ABC’s Q&A and SBS’s Mums The Word. Nolan’s previous titles with Finch Publishign include ‘What I Would Do If I Were You’ & ‘Boyfriend’s We’ve all Had and Shouldn’t have.’ Nolan’s talent for shrewd observations and uncompromised honesty leave you feeling you’ve cracked a new code for life coping.

‘Reading her book is like having a long, boozy arvo with your best and naughtiest girlfriend.’ Catherine Deveny

‘Again and Again while reading this hilarious book I kept having one thought; I want to live with Mandy Nolan. This is possibly inappropriate.’ Tommy Dean

‘Mandy Nolan is my guru. It is like she has crawled inside my busy head to make me laugh from my marrow out, while gently reassuring me its ok not to be perfect. She rocks.’ Julia Morris

‘Meet the new goddess of Australian Comedy’ Lollie Barr. Sunday Telegraph.