Caroline Baum

Caroline Baum

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Born in London, Caroline is a well known journalist and broadcaster. She writes about books, food, travel, the arts and aspects of contemporary life. The long-term presenter of the ABC TV book program Between the Lines until 1998 and an executive producer with ABC Radio National, she was also the founding editor of Good Reading magazine.

Baum contributed to the anthologies My Mother, My Father: On Losing a Parent and Rebellious Daughters and she has had several autobiographical pieces published in Good Weekend magazine. In 2015 Caroline was awarded the Hazel Rowley Fellowship and is currently working on a biography of Lucie Dreyfus.

Caroline’s 2017 book Only is a memoir of an unconventional childhood that explores what it means to be an only child—as both child and adult—and what it means to be the daughter of two people damaged by trauma and tragedy.

“A rich and rollicking tale that deepens into the tenderest of daughterly tributes.”
Helen Garner

“A conflicted love letter to her European origins and the uncrushable spirit of her glamorous, at times difficult parents, this lyrical page turner made me laugh and made me weep.” Magda Szubanski

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